One week in Rome

Monday, September 23, 1996

Door The next morning we visited the St. Peter's Cathedral. We noticed that we needed official tickets for the audience with the pope on wednesday. So we had to pass the Swiss Guard through the bronze door. There was a vatican office with a dignified but friendly priest. We had to enter one after the other. The priest asked a few questions and finally handed out the tickets.


Afterwards we looked around in the St. Peter's Cathedral. The inside of the church was very loud. Many guides with coloured umbrellas led their groups through the cathedral.

We looked at many decorated pope graves. But, what's this? The grave of Gregor 14th was very plain. They say that this pope ate all his gold to receive a longer live. So he had no gold left for his grave...

Castel Sant'Angelo

The next stop was at the Castel Sant'Angelo. In former times the popes took shelter there. We took a look at their living rooms, their bathrooms and so on. When we reached the top level of the castel we had a wonderfull view all over Rome.

Then we went to the Pantheon. On sunday afternoon it had been closed and so we wanted to take a look inside now. The Pantheon is the best preserved building of the old Rome. Inside there is a large dome with a hole in the middle. At the sides of the building there are a lot of graves, e.g. the grave of Raphaello and the one of Vittorio Emanuele II.

In the evening we had supper in a restaurant in the near of the Piazza Navona.

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