One week in Rome

Wednesday, September 25, 1996

That morning was the audience with the pope. We arrived at the St. Peter's Place an hour before the beginning of the ceremony and so we got a very good viewpoint. And really, when the pope drove in his white jeep through the rows of visitors we nearly could shake his hand!

During the audience the weather turned from very hot sunshine to slight rain. The pope told about his visit in France that he had finished a few days ago. Also he mentioned the sacrament of baptism.

The audience was about two hours long. After the ceremony the pope blessed many present brides and grooms, talked to many guests of honour and so on. He showed a very great staying-power and was still present when the most people were gone. Finally he vanished into the St. Peter's Cathedral.

We took the bus no. 64 to the Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II. and visited the Forum of Trajan with the Column of Trajan, the Forum of Augustus and the Forum of Nerva .

Schwertkampf The look into the Colosseum was not possible, because they had closed on that day. But instead of that we could see a lot of romans in historical costumes. The japanese people took photos of them and had to pay a little money for that.

We walked to the Therms of Caracalla, which had been a very big building in former times. But now there were only a few wall-parts and a few floor mosaics left.

On the way back into the city we passed the Theater of Marcellus and the Tiberian Island and reached the Campo dei Fiori. After a shopping we visited the restaurant Hosteria Romanorum, which lays directly on the Campo dei Fiori. It is a very good restaurant and highly recommended!

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