One week in Rome

Thursday, September 26, 1996

The Colosseum
We took the bus no. 64 again and drove into the city. This day the Colosseum was open and so we took a look inside. The Colosseum is one of the roman objects of interest without an entrance fee (besides the St. Peter's Cathedral and the Pantheon).

We walked to the direction of the Via Appia. In the near of the Therms of Caracalla a man called for our help. He said he were a sales representative of Pierre Cardin and has lost all his money in a gambling hall. He wanted to give us two original Pierre Cardin jackets as a present and asked only for a little money to buy gasoline. We noticed that his "original" jackets were very cheap stuff and refused the deal.

Our next stop was the Skipion Graves at the Via Appia. Because they were closed (for the reason of nearly tumble-down) we went into a nice little public park which laid right besides the graves. There we had a wonderfull recreating picnic. There was a drinking fountain (as nearly everwhere in Rome).

Back on the Via Appia the silence was gone: The Via Appia is a road with many, many cars and it is not very funny to walk there. Therefore we ran away into the church Domine Quo Vadis and refreshed us for the next part of the way to the Catacombe di San Callisto.

The catacombs are very big subterranean graveyards. During the visit you go through very long subterranean ways and are lucky to see the daylight again. Inspite of there were very much visitors the sightseeing is highly recommended.

In the near there are the Fosse Ardeatine, a memorial place in a quarry. German soldiers had murdered over 300 italians and jews there. It was a very anxious feeling to walk through the ways where such a crime had happened.

After a short look at the Circus of Maxentius (not recommended) and the Tomba di Cecilia Metella we took the bus back to the city. We visited the church S. Giovanni in Laterano. There we saw the Holy Gate, a very big bronze door. In the roman empire this door had closed the Curia of the Forum Romanum.

By bus we made the way to the Corso Vitt. Emanuele. In the Via dei Banchi Vecchi we went into the pizza restaurant with the same name. Highly recommended! Not expensive and very good! Afterwards the way home was not so far.

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