One week in Rome

Friday, September 27, 1996

We had waited the whole week for a day with bad weather to go to the Vatican Museums. But the whole week was very sunny and warm. So, because this was our last day, it was the last chance for the museums and the Sistine Chapel.

museum We were very lucky this day because the entrance was free (normally Lit. 15.000 per person). So we spent a part of the saved money in the hiring of a "Gallery Guide", a sort of a CD-drive. All exhibits were signed with a number. When we submitted this number to the "Gallery Guide" we could listen to an explanation about the exhibit. Very nice!

Some highlights were: The Egytian Collection, the Map hall, the Picture-Gallery, the Stanza di Raffael (rooms painted by Raffael and his pupils) and, of course, the Sistine Chapel with their fantastic wall and ceiling frescos painted by Michelangelo.

After the closing of the museums we made a trip to the Via Veneto. But the way was in vain because there was nothing interesting to see. (Later, when we were at home again, we were told, that there were a very interesting monastery church with a inside decoration made out of thousands of human bones.)

Then we went down the Spanish Steps to a shopping in the streets round the Via Condotti. At last we arrived in the near of the Pantheon. It was late and we were exhausted and so we went in the first restaurant we saw. This was a mistake! It was the worst meal we had for a very long time!

We compensated this by a few nice walks over the Piazza Navona. We watched the puppet players, the jugglers and the painting artists and finally went back home to our hotel.

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