One week in Rome

Saturday, September 28, 1996

Before we had to leave Rome it was just time enough for a little walk to St. Peter's Cathedral. When we stood in the front part of the church this part of the cathedral was cordoned off. A relative of a cardinal has died and now the funeral took place. Because accidentally we stood there we got the opportunaty to join this celebration.

Many bishops and cardinals came along and the pope hinself should come in about 15 minutes. Unfortunatly we couldn't wait because our airplane was waiting for us. (What a pity!)

We took a taxi to the railway station and the taxidriver demanded 5.000 Lit. more than his taxi-meter showed. Then we took the train to the airport.

The flight was without any problems. But the meal on board was horrible! It was the same airline as on the first flight (Alitalia) when the meal was wonderful. We even watched people leaving the meal untouched and eating their brought picnic.

That was the end of an exhausting but wonderful journey to one of the most interesting cities in the world. We will surely return!